Explore the Bavarian metropolis of Munich

Munich is as diverse as its visitors, who flock to the Bavarian capital from around the world throughout the year. Especially during Oktoberfest-time, the city attracts many visitors – but there is so much to discover in Munich outside the beer festival time also. Immerse yourself and experience the “city of dreams”, which shows its best side during every season.

Munich in numbers

The Bavarian capital enjoys top ranking on most lists:

  • With its slightly more than 1.5 million inhabitants, Munich has the largest population and is the largest city in Germany, but it is not a city-state – such as Berlin or Hamburg.
  • With approximately 4,838 inhabitants per square kilometer, Munich is the most densely populated community in Germany (as of January 2015).
  • Munich is lies at at 519 meters above sea level, making it the highest city in Germany.
  • After Frankfurt am Main, Munich is the second most important financial center of Germany and one of the most important financial centers in the world.
  • In terms of infrastructure, Munich was in the second place among fifty world cities and in the fourth place in terms of quality of life in 2014 (Source: Cities placement Mercer LLC).
Munich at night

Points of interest in Munich

Munich offers its visitors a wealth of cultural and historical sights, numerous special places, annual festivities – and of course a lot of heart. It is not without reason that Müncheners greet you with a little kiss (they call it a “bussi”) on the left and right cheeks.

At this point we would like to give a brief overview of the most beautiful sights of the Bavarian capital. If you ever feel like experiencing something outside the traditional tour destinations in Munich, take a look at our Munich insider tips.

Munich Palaces: The Residenz

The mighty facade of the Residenz rises imposingly in the heart of Munich. The Munich Residenz is the largest castle inside any city in Germany and to date has an eventful 600 years of history behind it. The Residenz was based upon the the Neuveste, a moated castle finished in 1385. During the following centuries the Residenz was repeatedly extended and renovated – According to tradition, probably hardly a decade went by without a construction site in the Residenz. During the bombing in the Second World War, the Residenz was almost completely destroyed. Thanks to long years of reconstruction,  the magnificent spacious halls once again may present an impression of the grandeur of the former epochs today. Particularly worth seeing in the residence are the Hercules Hall, the Treasury, and the Court Garden, which is more than 400 year old.

Munich’s Palaces: Nymphenburg Palace

Simply make a detour to the time to the Bavarian monarchy: Nymphenburg Palace is very close to the Laimer Hof hotel and is one of the most popular attractions in Munich – not only because of the impressive 500-meter long main castle, but also because the very beautiful castle park and the fairytale little pleasure palace. In and around the Nymphenburg Palace, there are so many beautiful things to discover that a day-long visit usually is not enough. Even if you can only spend limited time there, be sure to see interior of the Nymphenburg Palace in any case and take a stroll in the magnificent park.

Munich’s Museums

As artistic, cultural and university metropolis, Munich offers visitors a wide variety of theme and specialty museums. For art lovers, especially the Old and New Pinakothek and the House of Art are the most important addresses. Technology enthusiasts like to visit the Deutsches Museum, the MVG transport museum, the Schleissheim aviation museum and the BMW Museum. Would you possibly also be interested in the Alpine Museum or in the State coin collection, or would you wish to find out all about Bavarian brews and brewing at the Beer and Oktoberfest museum? Whichever Munich museums you choose, you will take home some lasting impressions.

Munich’s churches and monasteries

Only in Munich’s city center can one expect numerous churches and chapels of various religions from different eras. The greatest tourist attraction is the Gothic Frauenkirche. Its two onion towers are the landmarks of the city of Munich. It draws thousands of visitors per year. We recommend the impressive building to admire not only from the outside, but to also see the impressive interior. In the entrance hall, take a closer look at the floor: You will discover a footprint around which a devilish legend is entwined. Except for Outside Munich, we recommend a day trip to Andech’s Monastery on the “Holy Mountain” on the eastern shore of Lake Ammersee. Be sure to try the regional specialties and the tasty full-bodied Andech’s monastery beer.